Volunteer Farm Closing

We sadly report the closing of the Volunteer Farm and the parent World Foundation for Children. The action of the Board of Directors was taken on January 9, 2016. The termination was due to the lack of sufficient donations to continue operations for another year.

Created as a public charity under regulations of Internal Revenue Service effective March 11, 2004, the Foundation provided aid to orphans in Haiti (prior to and after the earthquake) and young victims of natural disasters throughout the U.S. The Volunteer Farms produced more than 382 tons of fresh, nutritious food that was donated to feed the hungry through food bank and pantries serving 25 countries and 9 cities comprising a third of Virginia, plus more than 20,000 volunteers learned the virtues of serving other people.

The final assets shall be sold at auction by Laughlin Auctions at the Shenandoah County Fairgrounds, Woodstock, VA. All future contributions will be donated to appropriate organizations for the purpose of feeding the hungry.
The Volunteer Farm will no longer accept donations beginning April 1, 2016.

The Officers, Board and Staff would like to express their deep gratitude to the many donors and volunteers who supported the efforts of the charity for many years.